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Athlete embraces her body years after being told she wasn’t ‘small enough’ to be a gymnast

Athlete embraces her body years after being told she wasn’t ‘small enough’ to be a gymnast

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Many young athletes are told early on in their careers that they don’t have the “right” body type to be successful. This was the case for gymnast, Gabby Douglas. Douglas was always a talented athlete, but when she was told she wasn’t “small enough” to be a gymnast, she thought her dreams were over.

Thankfully, Douglas didn’t give up. She continued to train hard and eventually made it to the Olympic games, where she won gold. Now, Douglas is using her platform to inspire other young girls who might be given the same type of message.

In a recent interview, Douglas said, “For so long I tried to change my body to fit what society wanted me to look like, instead of embracing the body God gave me.” Douglas is now encouraging girls to love their bodies, no matter what society says.

This is an important message for all young athletes, no matter what sport they’re involved in. Too often, young girls are told they need to lose weight or change their bodies in order to be successful. Douglas is proof that this simply isn’t true.

No matter what anyone says, love your body and believe in yourself. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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