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Fergie weight loss: How Duchess of York ‘lost close to 50 pounds’ – ‘Don’t overtrain!’

The Duchess of York has opened up about her 50-pound weight loss journey, crediting her transformation to a new healthy lifestyle.

In a recent interview, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson discussed how she was able to slim down and achieve her current figure.

The mother-of-two said that she started by making small changes to her diet and eventually cut out carbohydrates and sugar entirely.

In order to keep the weight off, the Duchess revealed that she now exercises for two hours every day.

While she admits that her new lifestyle can be “tiring”, she says it’s worth it for her health and appearance.

Fergie also had some words of wisdom for anyone else looking to lose weight, telling them to “be patient” and not to “overtrain”.

The Duchess’s candid comments come as she prepares to release her new fitness book, entitled “Fighting Fit: Body Confidence for Life”.

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