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Fit grandad, 73, runs 200 miles with help of 4 exercises – ‘didn’t think it was possible!’

Fit grandad, 73, runs 200 miles with help of 4 exercises – ‘didn’t think it was possible!’

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We all know that staying fit and active is important as we age. But one grandad is showing us that it’s never too late to get in shape – no matter how old you are.

73-year-old Bill Weir from Scotland recently ran 200 miles (320 kilometers) with the help of just four exercises.

“I started running about four years ago when I was 69. I never thought I would be able to run 200 miles, but I’ve been consistent with my training and it’s paid off,” Bill said.

Aside from running, Bill also does regular strength training and core work. He believes that these four exercises are key to his success in staying fit and active at his age.

“The secret to staying fit and active is to keep moving. That’s why I run and do strength training. It’s important to keep your muscles strong and your heart healthy,” Bill said.

Bill is proof that you’re never too old to start living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to start running, strength training, or just be more active in general, Bill’s story is an inspiration.

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