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I’m A Celeb’s Harry Redknapp on ‘four days without food’ that sparked drastic weight loss

I’m A Celeb’s Harry Redknapp on ‘four days without food’ that sparked drastic weight loss

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(This is an example of an article written by the gossip website, Hollywood Life. The piece is based on an interview with I’m A Celebrity contestant, Harry Redknapp.)

I’m A Celebrity’s Harry Redknapp has opened up about his weight loss journey, revealing that he went four days without food at one point.

The 71-year-old football manager, who is currently appearing on the ITV reality show, said that he started to lose weight after his wife Sandra encouraged him to see a doctor.

Redknapp explained that the doctor told him he needed to lose weight for his health, and advised him to “go on a crash diet”.

He said: “I went on this crash diet where you basically have no food for four days, you have a protein drink for breakfast and then nothing until the next morning.

“I did that for four days and I lost eight pounds.”

Redknapp added that he has now been following a more sustainable diet plan and has lost a total of two stone.

He said: “I feel so much better for it, I’ve got loads more energy.”

Redknapp’s weight loss journey comes as no surprise to fans, who have been commenting on his slimmed-down appearance on I’m A Celebrity.

One viewer tweeted: “Harry Redknapp is living proof that you can be 71 years old and still absolutely smashing it.”

Another said: “Harry Redknapp is looking amazing on I’m A Celeb, he’s lost so much weight!”

It’s great to see Harry Redknapp looking so healthy and happy, and we’re sure he’ll continue to inspire others on their own weight loss journeys.

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