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Incredible 14 STONE weight loss sees man get Slimmer of the Year

Incredible 14 STONE weight loss sees man get Slimmer of the Year

Incredible 14 STONE weight loss sees man get Slimmer of the Year

For many of us, the New Year is a time to make a fresh start and set ourselves some new, healthy goals.

And, for one super-slimmer, it’s been the catalyst for an incredible 14 stone weight loss.

Steve Halsall, from London, is the Slimmer of the Year 2018, as voted for by readers of Men’s Health magazine.

The 36-year-old started his weight loss journey back in 2016, when he tipped the scales at a whopping 27 stone.

Fed up of being overweight and unhappy, Steve decided it was time for a change and joined a local gym.

Since then, he’s never looked back – shedding an incredible 14 stone in just two years.

Speaking about his amazing transformation, Steve said: “I feel like a new man. I’ve got so much more energy, I sleep better and my mood has improved too.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and it feels amazing to be recognised as Men’s Health Slimmer of the Year.”

Steve’s not the only one who’s impressed with his dramatic weight loss.

His girlfriend, Amanda, said: “I’m so proud of Steve and everything he’s achieved. It’s been amazing to see his transformation and watch him become happier and healthier.”

If you’re inspired by Steve’s story and looking to make a fresh start in 2019, here are some top tips to help you on your weight loss journey.

1. Set realistic goals

When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to set yourself realistic goals.

If you’re starting from scratch, aim to lose around 1-2lbs a week. This might not sound like much, but it adds up to around 8-16lbs over the course of a month, which is a healthy and sustainable amount of weight loss.

2. Be prepared

One of the best ways to stay on track with your weight loss goals is to be prepared.

Meal prep in advance so you always have healthy food to hand, and make sure you always have a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

3. Get moving

Exercise is a vital part of any weight loss journey. As well as helping to burn calories, it also boosts your mood, energy levels and overall health.

Aim to get around 30 minutes of exercise a day, whether that’s a brisk walk, a session at the gym or a workout at home.

4. Don’t give up

There will be ups and downs on your weight loss journey, but it’s important to keep going and not give up.

If you have a bad day or week, don’t let it derail your whole journey – just get back on track and keep going.

A full-time dad who tipped the scales at 27 stone has become slimmer of the year after shedding an incredible 14 stone.

Ryan Hyde, 33, from Nottingham, was self-conscious about his size and would avoid social situations and family days out.

But after making the decision to change his lifestyle, Ryan joined Slimming World and has since gone from a size 54 to a 36 waist – and he’s been named their Slimmer of the Year.

Ryan, who has a four-year-old daughter, said: “When I was 27 stone I completely lacked confidence.

I hated going out and socialising as I was so self-conscious about my size.

I’d make excuses not to go on family days out as I knew I’d be the one sweating on the walk, or feeling uncomfortable in public.

I didn’t want my daughter to be ashamed of her dad so I knew I had to make a change.”

Ryan, who used to eat two takeaway meals a day, says he was always active as a youngster but his weight gradually crept up as he reached his 20s.

He said: “I played a lot of football and other sports when I was younger but my weight gradually started to creep up when I reached my 20s.

I worked long hours in an office and the convenience of takeaway meals meant I was eating badly and not really moving around much.

I was 27 stone and though I’d yo-yo dieted before, I knew I had to make a real change if I wanted to be there for my daughter.”

In January 2018, Ryan joined his local Slimming World group and began following the Food Optimising eating plan.

He said: “I’d tried lots of different diets before but none of them had really worked for me long-term.

I’d always put the weight back on, plus a bit more. But with Slimming World I was learning how to eat healthily and still enjoy the foods I loved.”

Three years later and Ryan is 14 stone lighter and three dress sizes smaller.

He said: “I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and it’s all thanks to Slimming World.

Now I love going out and socialising, I look forward to family days out and my daughter is so proud of me too.

I’ve even taken up running and recently completed a 10k race – something I never thought I could do.”

Ryan has now been named Slimming World’s Slimmer of the Year 2020, in recognition of his achievements.

He said: “When I found out I’d won, I was completely overwhelmed. It still hasn’t sunk in.

I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and I hope my story inspires others to believe that change is possible for them too.”

Ryan’s consultant, Hayley Garnett, said: ” Ryan is a truly deserving winner.

When he first joined Slimming World he was one of our biggest members and he’s worked so hard to get where he is today.

He’s not only lost an amazing amount of weight but he’s transformed his relationship with food and exercise and his lifestyle too. He’s an inspiration to everyone in our group.”

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