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James Martin loses huge 5st but doesn’t shy away from treats – ‘it’s not the butter!’

James Martin loses huge 5st but doesn’t shy away from treats – ‘it’s not the butter!’

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James Martin has always been a bit of a controversial chef. He’s known for loving his food, and his ample figure is often the subject of ridicule from the press. But recently, James Martin has lost a staggering 5st, and he’s not shy about it!

The 41-year-old chef has always been open about his love of food, and he’s never been one to shy away from a treat. But now, he’s revealed that he’s been working hard to lose weight, and he’s managed to shed a whopping 5st!

Martin told The Sun that he’d been trying to lose weight for a while, but it wasn’t until he started working with a personal trainer that he really started to see results. He’s now down to 12st, and he’s feeling better than ever.

Despite his weight loss, Martin says that he’s not going to give up his favourite food. He’s still a big fan of butter, and he says that he’ll never give it up!

We think it’s great that James Martin is being so open about his weight loss journey. It’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t always easy, and it’s definitely not a quick fix. But if you’re dedicated and you work hard, you can absolutely achieve your goals.

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