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Kate Middleton was ‘trying hard to put weight on’ before royal wedding – ‘so anxious’

Kate Middleton was ‘trying hard to put weight on’ before royal wedding – ‘so anxious’

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Kate Middleton was said to be “trying hard to put weight on” before her royal wedding, according to a new book.

The Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly “so anxious” about her appearance on her big day that she was determined to gain some extra weight.

A new biography of the royal, Kate: The Future Queen, claims that the Duchess was under “huge pressure” to look perfect on her wedding day.

The book, written by royal biographer Katie Nicholl, quotes a friend of Kate’s as saying: “She was so anxious about fitting into her wedding dress and looking perfect on her big day that she actually started to put on weight.”

The friend added that the Duchess was “trying hard to put on a few extra pounds” before the wedding, but she eventually managed to slim down to fit into her iconic wedding dress.

The book also claims that Kate was “worried” about her hair on her wedding day, and she reportedly had a “trial run” with her hairstylist to make sure everything would be perfect.

Overall, the book paints a picture of a bride who was under immense pressure to look perfect on her big day, but who ultimately managed to pull off a flawless royal wedding.

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