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‘Losing 27st has changed our lives’ Couple vowed to get healthy on Valentine’s day

‘Losing 27st has changed our lives’ Couple vowed to get healthy on Valentine’s day

A UK couple who lost a staggering 27 stone between them have revealed how their lives have been changed by their transformation.

Steven Barker, 42, from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and his wife, Tracy, 41, started their weight loss journey together on Valentine’s day in 2014, after realising they were both unhappy with their size.

The pair, who have three children, had both been overweight for most of their lives and had tried every fad diet going, but nothing had worked for them in the long term.

But after making the decision to get healthy together, they managed to lose an incredible 27 stone between them in just over two years.

Steven, who works as a lorry driver, lost an incredible 17 stone, going from 35 stone to 18 stone, while Tracy, who is a full-time carer for her disabled mother, lost 10 stone, going from 21 stone to 11 stone.

The couple say that their weight loss has changed their lives in every way, from their physical health to their mental wellbeing and their relationships.

Steven and Tracy say that they now have so much more energy, they sleep better, their health has improved and they feel like they’re finally living life to the full.

The couple are also now able to enjoy things that they couldn’t do when they were overweight, such as going on walks and riding bikes together.

And they say that their weight loss has had a positive effect on their relationship, as they now have more confidence and feel more attractive to each other.

Steven and Tracy say that they would encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight to make the decision to get healthy, as it will change their life for the better in every way.

In February of 2016, on Valentine’s day, Karyn and her husband made a pact to get healthy together. Karyn, at 5’3″, weighed in at 280lbs, and her husband wasn’t far behind at 260lbs. They had tried dieting and working out before, but always ended up falling off the wagon and going back to their old, unhealthy ways. But this time, they were determined to make a change.

One year later, Karyn had lost an amazing 27st, and her husband had lost an incredible 23st. Karyn attribute’s her success to finally finding a diet that worked for her, and having her husband there to support and encourage her every step of the way.

The couple’s lives have changed dramatically since they began their journey to health. They now enjoy hikes and walks together that they would have never even considered before, and they feel better than they ever have. They’re also setting a great example for their children, who are now more interested in healthy foods and active lifestyles.

Karyn and her husband’s story is proof that it’s never too late to make a change for the better. With dedication and determination, anyone can achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

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