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Mick Jagger health: ‘He’s absolutely incredible’ – star’s impressive health regime aged 78

Mick Jagger is one of the most well-known and respected musicians in the world, having fronted The Rolling Stones for over 50 years. He’s also an actor, producer and philanthropist, and at 78 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down.

So what is the secret to his longevity and impressive health?

For starters, Jagger is meticulous about his diet and eats mostly organic food. He also sticks to a mostly vegetarian diet, with the occasional fish or chicken dish. He’s also a big fan of juicing, and starts most days with a freshly-made green juice.

Exercise is also key to Jagger’s health regime. He regularly works out with a trainer, and enjoys a variety of sports including tennis, cycling and running.

In addition to his physical health, Jagger also takes care of his mental wellbeing. He meditates daily and credits it with helping him to stay calm and focused.

It’s clear that Jagger is taking care of himself in body and mind, and it’s no wonder that he’s still going strong at 78. He’s an inspiration to us all!

Mick Jagger is one of the most well-known singers in the world. He is also known for his impressive health regime, which has kept him looking young and fit at the age of 78.

Jagger follows a strict daily routine that includes plenty of exercise, a healthy diet, and regular visits to the sauna. He also takes regular breaks from performing to allow his body to rest and recover.

This strict regime has clearly paid off, as Jagger still looks amazing for his age. His daughter, Elizabeth, recently said that he is “absolutely incredible” and that his health is “inspirational”.

With so many people struggling to maintain their health as they get older, it is refreshing to see someone like Jagger who is living proof that it is possible to age healthily and gracefully.

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