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New CRISPR-Cas approach permits more precise DNA cleavage

New CRISPR-Cas approach permits more precise DNA cleavage

CRISPR-Cas systems are powerful tools for genome engineering. In a new study, researchers have used a CRISPR-Cas9 system to target and cleave specific DNA sequences with greater precision than ever before.

The new system uses a “split-Cas9” system in which the Cas9 protein is divided into two separate domains. One domain binds to the target DNA sequence, while the other domain cleaves the DNA. This system allows for more precise targeting of DNA sequences, as well as the ability to cleave multiple DNA sequences in a single cell.

The new system has a number of potential applications, including the ability to correct genetic defects in human cells and the ability to generate multiplexed genome edits in a single cell. This new system will no doubt be a valuable tool for researchers in the years to come.

A new CRISPR-Cas approach has been developed that permits more precise DNA cleavage. This approach uses a modified Cas9 protein that can bind to DNA and cleave it with greater precision than the standard Cas9 protein. This is significant because it means that CRISPR-Cas can be used for more precise genome editing, which could have a major impact on the way we treat diseases. For example, this approach could be used to edit DNA in order to correct genetic diseases. The potential uses for this technology are endless, and it is exciting to think about what we may be able to accomplish with it in the future.

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