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New insights from biology can help overcome siloed thinking in cancer clinical trials and treatment

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Cancer clinical trials and treatment have traditionally been siloed, with little communication between different types of trials or different cancer centers. However, new insights from biology are helping to overcome this siloed thinking and improve communication between different types of trials and cancer centers.

Biology has always been a critical part of cancer clinical trials and treatment. However, until recently, the focus has been on individual genes and proteins. Now, with new technologies, we are able to take a more holistic view of the cancer cell and its environment. This has led to new insights that can help improve communication between different types of cancer trials and cancer centers.

For example, it is now known that the cancer cell is not an island but is part of a larger ecosystem. The cancer cell interacts with other cells in the body, and the environment outside the body can also influence the cancer cell. This means that we need to take a more integrative approach to cancer clinical trials and treatment.

In the past, cancer clinical trials have been designed in a siloed fashion, with little communication between different types of trials or different cancer centers. However, new insights from biology are helping to overcome this siloed thinking and improve communication between different types of trials and cancer centers. With a more integrative approach, we can develop better treatments for cancer that are more effective and have fewer side effects.

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