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Resident physicians report COVID-19 impacts

Resident physicians report COVID-19 impacts

Covid-19 has impacted every person on Earth in some way. For resident physicians, the pandemic has been especially difficult. In addition to the stress of providing care for patients with a new and potentially deadly illness, residents have also had to contend with personal stressors like cancelled electives and increased workloads.

A new survey from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) sheds light on how residen ts are faring during the pandemic. According to the survey, which was conducted in late March and early April, nearly half of residents (46%) said their mental health had worsened since the pandemic began.

The survey also found that nearly one in four residents (24%) had experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the pandemic. Nearly one in 10 (9%) reported symptoms of depression.

These findings are not surprising, given the immense amount of stress that resident physicians have been under since the pandemic began. In addition to the mental health impacts, the survey also found that the pandemic has had other negative impacts on residents.

Nearly half of residents (47%) said they had less time to spend with family and friends since the pandemic began. Almost one-third (32%) said they had less time to exercise, and one in five (21%) said they had less time to eat healthy meals.

It is clear that the pandemic has taken a toll on resident physicians. The AAMC survey found that residents are struggling with mental health issues, and that the pandemic has also impacted their ability to take care of themselves. While the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, it is important to remember that resident physicians are on the frontlines of this pandemic and they deserve our support.

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