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The Chase’s Mark Labbett says ‘the weight is just falling off’ despite still ‘loving cake’

The Chase’s Mark Labbett says ‘the weight is just falling off’ despite still ‘loving cake’

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If you’re a fan of The Chase, you’ll know that Mark Labbett is the ‘Beast’ – the show’s resident quiz genius who’s notoriously difficult to beat.

You might also know that Labbett is a bit of a big guy – he’s 6ft 6in tall and has previously admitted to weighing over 27 stone.

But it seems that the Beast is on a mission to slim down, as he’s recently revealed that he’s lost a significant amount of weight.

Speaking to The Sun, Labbett said: “The weight is just falling off. I’ve always loved my food and I still enjoy a cake but I’m just making more healthy choices now.”

Labbett, who has been married to his wife Katie since 2014, also credited his wife for helping him to lose weight, saying: “I’ve got a lovely wife who’s looking after me and making sure I’m eating healthily.”

The Beast isn’t the only one on The Chase who has been shedding the pounds recently, as fellow chaser Jenny Ryan – aka ‘The Vixen’ – has also revealed that she’s lost weight.

Speaking about her weight loss, Ryan said: “I’m eating healthier and I’ve cut out booze for Lent. I feel so much better for it.”

It’s good to see that the chasers are taking care of their health – we just hope they don’t lose any of their quiz prowess in the process!

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