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Woman loses 5st in months with ‘crucial’ method that helped change her life ‘dramatically’

Woman loses 5st in months with ‘crucial’ method that helped change her life ‘dramatically’

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A woman has lost an incredible five stone in just a few months, all thanks to a simple method she says changed her life ‘dramatically’.

Sian cooker, from Derby, was 16st 7lbs and a size 20 when she joined Slimming World in November 2017, after years of failed diets.

The 36-year-old had tried everything to lose weight, including signing up to the gym, but nothing worked long-term.

However, after just a few months of following Slimming World’s food Optimising plan, Sian had lost an impressive 5st 7lbs – and she’s now a slim size 10.

Sian says the key to her success was finding a method of weight loss that didn’t feel like a ‘diet’.

Speaking about her transformation, Sian said: “I tried every fad diet going, My weight would yo-yo and I was always the biggest in my group of friends, which really affected my confidence.

“I thought I’d never be able to lose weight and keep it off – until I found Slimming World.

“When I joined I didn’t really think I’d stick with it, but as soon as I started seeing the weight come off I was hooked.

“I’ve tried other diets before but this is the only one that’s worked for me in the long-term. And it’s not even a diet – it’s a lifestyle change that’s totally do-able.

“I’ve gone from being the person who always made excuses not to go out, to being confident and enjoying my social life. I’ve even started dating again.

“I’ve changed my life completely and I feel like a brand new person – I owe it all to Slimming World.”

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